A downloadable game for Linux

This was created for The Linux Gamejam 2019.

Unfortunately I didn't have much time during this period, so there's not much to the game, except for some technical aspects. I have written my own X11 client code, which means the game doesn't use Xlib, and because of this I could statically link MUSL into the executable. The result is that there's only one small executable and the game data. But it is not possible to use hardware acceleration this way, so I also wrote a software renderer.

Because of this, there's only a Linux executable.

ALSO APOLOGIES. I didn't figure out how to make the stars I wanted, so there's no point of reference as you fly around, which can be very confusing.


Extract the archive and run the executable called "run".

(I don't know how to make it work nicely with the Itch.io app :( )


An X11 server has to be running, and your keyboard has to be available in /dev/input.

5 MB of RAM


The font has its own license that can be found in the WAD file, which is just a zip file.

Libevdev is licensed under GPLv2

MUSL is licensed under MIT

The rest is licensed under GPLv3

Install instructions

Extract the archive, and run the executable called "run"


SBSP.tar.bz2 450 kB

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