A downloadable game for Linux

cheer_linux_gamejam_2018_r2.tar.bz2 was uploaded after the submission timer ended, but it only adds a bugfix for NVIDIA graphics.

This project was created for the Linux Gamejam 2018, found here https://itch.io/jam/linux-game-jam-2018
The theme of the Gamejam was "versatile verbs". My verb is "cheering".

Use your positive attitude to make things happen!

The source code is provided with the downloadable package. It's C code, and the engine was written for this project.

 - SDL2
 - OpenAL
 - OpenGL


An executable has been shipped with the game. It is called "run", and you can just run it.

 Run the "build.sh" file. 

Install instructions

Executable binaries are also provided, in the form of a "run" executable.

Run the "build.sh" file, to build the project.


cheer_linux_gamejam_2018.tar.bz2 2 MB
cheer_linux_gamejam_2018_r2.tar.bz2 2 MB


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I'm getting:

sdl_main.c:2:19: fatal error: AL/al.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

And I don't see sdl2-config anywhere in synaptic.

For that error, you need to install OpenAL development headers. You can probably just run, the "run" executable.

I messed up with my instructions

Got it going :D Interesting mechanic, although it felt inconsistent. Some places it refused to do the 'slap', The hand just disappears when I release.  It also seemed possible to 'grapple' by hitting space at the right moment, but this too only seemed to work sometimes. And since it usually left me lodged in an object I wasn't sure if this was a bug or feature XD

I appreciated the visuals. Much of it obviously incomplete, but still more interesting to look at then boxes :D

Yeah. In order to avoid having players jump into the collision boxes, I just stop the slap if that were to happen.

However, now people don't get why it happens, and they manage to jump into collision areas.

Devs make and players break, haha :P